Process 1 : Customization
We customize our process to suit your needs. Although we largely use Word 2000, Word Perfect 8, Excel and Access, we are geared up to adapt to your preference of word processing and back-end database modules to customize the report formats and quality procedures.
Process 2 : Upload & Download procedures
Dictation from the doctor is stored as digital voice files on the client dictation system. These files are uploaded via the Internet on to our overseas secure FTP space or ASP site. The FTP/ASP Site provides you with pre-configured software, which allows you to upload the voice files and download the completed reports. You are provided with a secure password to access your file directory on our site.
Equipment: Clients have an option either to hire our digital dictation equipment or use their own equipment. VOX, Wave, DSS SRI formats are preferred.
Process 3 : Transcription
The downloaded dictations are assigned to our transcriptionists dedicated to handle specific accounts. The file is then transcribed on a transcription station and put into a customized format that is pre-defined by the client. We support both Word and WordPerfect formats. We can also customize our process to any requisite file templates. Other file formats can be supported on request.

Process 4 : Quality check

Editors, Process Managers, Physicians and English language specialist then proofread the transcribed report. This enables us to maintain an accuracy level of 98% and above at all times.

Process 5 : Report Delivery

Completed reports are then uploaded back on to the secure and SSL compliant FTP space or ASP Sever.
Process 6: Archival
We have in place a self-reliant, fault tolerant archival and retrieval system for better data/audio management and care. Generally, data files are archived for a period of 12 months.
The Advantage
We offer a large transcription capacity allowing you to grow your business minus the problems and risks associated with recruiting, training, and managing transcriptionists. You could focus your time on obtaining additional clientele. Our extensive network can handle any peak periods. Our state-of-art dictation and transcription systems along with our in-place automated tools for document generation and management are unmatched.
We clearly understand the critical nature of confidentiality, your data with Bharathi MediScribe is secure in compliance with HIPAA regulations.
Give us a try!! We offer a no charge 7-day quality rich trial run.
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