Control client's operational costs
Meet and exceed service level guarantees
Quick turnaround time
Adaptation to any software applications and word processors   defined by the client
HIPAA and Healthcare compliance programs
We have taken extensive measures to meet HIPPA regulations. Our transcriptionst, medical code and billing staffs understand and adhere to the compliance requirements for processing healthcare claims.
Bharathi Mediscribe strongly believes in working closely with all its clients using their present system and software and also recognizes the responsibility to ensure accuracy of the claims. Our team has comprehensive knowledge and work experience in different specialties and a variety of coding and billing applications. At Bharathi Mediscribe, we are committed to provide services to our clients well within the compliance standards.
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  We will be consistent  
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  In adapting to the latest in technology.  
  In providing data security, highly accurate turnaround time, all the while being   commercial competitive.  
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