As a provider of health care information management solutions, Bharathi Mediscribe enjoys a growing list of clients and close association with some of the most prestigious names in healthcare industry.
  From private to nonprofit, here is what our clients have to say about us:  
"Thank You, Thank You, For Staying On Top Of Our Account And Turning Those Reports Around Timely! Once again, I was able to present an excellent report to the staff committee responsible for Medical Records.  If you are transcribing right now, please pause and pat yourself on the back. Believe me, if I could say thank-you personally, and pat you on the back, I would fly-in right away and do it. Your job profile is a very difficult one to say the least and very appreciated by this client! AGAIN, A JOB WELL DONE!"

Common Wealth has been pleased with the turn around time your team has consistently been able to provide.  So keep up the great job!!

And thanks from me too!

- Robert Clark

"Transcriptions have been exemplary! Thank you.  Very nice dictation so far!  Excellent jobs so far! Happy with your dictations! Very impressed with the quality of the editing! Thanks"

- Dr. Chua

Please tell BMS Mediscribe 22, we appreciate her efforts and good job!

"We used another service prior to Bharathi Mediscribe and our experience is much better this time around. Bharathi Mediscribe has done a good job of setting the system up so we know when we're going to get the work back and we don't have to do follow-up. They're professional and they do what they commit. They've performed very well for us."

- Dr. Prakash

"In the last one year or so, I have been here and had the opportunity to work with the staff at Bharathi Mediscribe, I have often found them to be accommodating, accurate, and timely.  Being a facility that did transcription in-house, this is a welcome relief.  We were always short of staff or having frequent equipment breakdowns that left us way behind schedule, always. I am very happy to have Bharathi Mediscribe on my side."

- Dr. Sreedhar Murthy

Thank you and your staff for the excellent work. You all are amazing! I appreciate your professionalism very much.

- Tom Jones-Writer
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