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T-SCRIPT - The Transcription Job Manager
"T-Script" - Automated routing & retrival of jobs in a transcription process, both on-site and off-site. Routing of audio files and templates to all transcriptionists and retrieval of the transcripts for upload back to the clients.
Fax Or Print - The Remote Print Or Print Manager
"Print or Fax" - This is a windows-based application can be used by document managers for automated printing and faxing of documents. The documents can be printed or faxed based on the predefined rules preset by the document users and they can queued to either a predefined print/fax device or to multiple print/fax devices across the network.
DoQuMan - Document Manager
"DoQuMan" - Developed and implemented for the purpose of data digitization. This process tool aids in converting any format of scanned images to editable documents. Files can be distributed across to multiple process contractors. At the process contractors end, "DoQuMan" aids in converting the files to editable documents and routes it through various phases of document generation viz., data capature, quality analysis, and process management before routing the developed content back to the client.
Web Design
We specialize in domain registration, optimal hosting or server configuration selection, site concept creation, design of arbitrary complexity, model pages creation, site programming, site assembling, testing, updating, maintenance and related activities.
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