Enabled Services And Available Iinfrastructure  
  Toll free dial, State-of-Art & Easy-of-Use dictation facility.  
  Personalized care to all your transcribing needs.  
  Secure and compliant data.  
  Quality rich transcribers, editors and process managers all capable of   handling any peak-loads.  
  Self-reliant fault tolerant archival and retrieval system for better data and   audio management care.  
  Customized and time-tested automated management tools.  
  We Provide All This The Best Way Because  
  We recruit high quality professionals through time-tested and reliable process   of evaluation.  
  We train and equip them adequately with top of the line methods, procedures   and skills.  
  We drive hard quality initiatives at each step in the production process.  
  We nurture, retain, and motivate our intellectual resource by a very sensible,   tangible, and a straightforward human resource approach.  
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