Dictation & Transcriptions Methods

  Method 2  
Doctor’s dictations are recorded in to dictation collection server (ASP Server) using 0800 or 0808 (toll free) number.

The advantage of the digital dictation is the freedom to dictate from any location rather than being confined to the vicinity of a phone.

  Once the reports are transcribed, there is always immediate access for the doctor to review any report on any patient at his or her convenience.  
The doctor dictates all his dictations for the day by logging in using the toll free number.  The dictated information gets stored on to our dictation call-in/collection server straight away. 
The dictations are then picked up by our support team, who in turn assign it to the transcriptionists based on the account they handle, their availability, and their expertise and the report gets transcribed.
Once the reports are generated and processed for quality, the delivery team uploads the transcribed reports back to the processed document collection server for the doctor’s office to retrieve the transcribed reports.

We use Microsoft Media Player as the audio playback engine, and can handle vox, wav, mp3, dss, sri, true-speech among many other voice file formats.

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