Dictation & Transcriptions Methods


Method 1

  Doctor’s dictations are recorded using a Digital Handheld Recorder (Dictaphone).   

The doctor records all his dictation for the day on a Dictaphone, the dictated information gets stored on to the smart card, which is the storage device of the Dictaphone.


Once the doctor is through with recording all dictation for the day, the smart card is taken out from the Dictaphone and connected (using the Dictaphone to PC connect interface cable provided with the Dictaphone) on to the PC server/workstation in the Doctor’s office for transfer of dictation from the Dictaphone to a predefined folder on the doctor's PC.


The doctor/medical report department connects to the encrypted Web/FTP space using a predefined and unique User Name and Password and transfers the recorded dictation from the doctor’s workstation/server to our dictation collection server

The dictations are then picked up by us and we in turn assign it to the transcriptionists based on the account they handle, their availability, and their expertise. and the reports get transcribed.

Once the reports are generated and processed for quality, the delivery team uploads the reports back to the Web/FTP space for the doctor’s office to retrieve the transcribed reports.
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